Interactive multimedia installation
with Laura Vavassori

Synchrony, CERebrum, LOGos is conceived as a multimodal and interactive installation. It aims to rep- resent the complexity of language processing through sounds and music. Different cognitive abilities rely on different anatomical substrates, but no brain area stands alone. The great variety of human cognitive functions derives from the way in which cortical re- gions communicate through white matter bundles. Language makes no exception. The complexity of this faculty requires coordinate interaction of many players. Although there are many theories trying to unravel the mechanisms subserving this ability, it is nowadays well known that at least three white matter bundles, namely the arcuate (red), the superior longitudinal (green) and the inferior fronto-occipital (blue) fasciculi, are funda- mental for its emergence. If only one of these connec- tions is damaged or the information that they convey is perturbed, communication becomes ineffective. The opera represents a plausible interaction between the user and the physical installation that was held at the exhibition. The model manipulation itself, that modu- lates the acoustic component of the installation, drives the exploration process. Once the structural network that enables language will be uncovered, the user will have access to the whole meaning of the installation it- self. Finally, this piece reminds us of the dialectical and educational value of science. 

OHBM 2022, Glasgow Science Center (UK)

Spazio Off Trento | w/ Margherita Cannone | 2022 | video by Giulia Lenzi

Riva del Garda | w/ Margherita Cannone | 2021 | photo by Sabin
Spazio Off Trento | w/ Margherita Cannone | 2022 | video by Giulia Lenzi